Former Turkish commando admits: “The atrocities of ISIS, we did to the Kurds”

Ibrahim Yailali, who served in the Turkish special forces and now lives in Greece after receiving political asylum, confessed to Alpha TV that “ISIS did what we did when we were soldiers in the ’90s in Kurdish areas and cities.”

The description of the former Turkish commando is shocking, as he reveals, he had been involved in atrocities against the Kurds. “We committed war crimes. We cut members of the PKK’s dead body, cut the nose and the ears of the dead guerrillas and civilians. We hung them on our necks. We cut their heads, we took pictures,” he says.

“They released a video where the dead man’s head was cut and held in someone’s hand. We were doing exactly the same thing in the 1990s. ISIS did what we did when we were soldiers in Kurdish areas and cities in the 1990s,” continues Ibrahim Yailali.

“I remember we had caught a wounded guerrilla but he was still alive and we put him on a helicopter. I saw with my eyes that they threw him out.”

“We made incursions, holding fuel cans to burn down the villages. We hit the residents to leave and set fire to their villages. One child even lost his life in the flames inside his house.

In battles against the Kurds, Yailali was captured and held prisoner by PKK guerrillas for two years. As he states, he then realized the crimes he had committed as a Turkish soldier.

‚ÄúTheir target was not the PKK, their target was the Kurds. They wanted to exterminate the Kurdish people. What they want is to Islamize the region along with Turkey. “