Turkey’s atrocities in Syria mimic those on Cyprus in 1974… and they will come westward

I saw a video. A creepy video. A Turkish Commando poses with a cigarette in his mouth and holds a severed head to someone who shoots the video saying: “Don’t post this on whatsapp, just share it with us”. And then he adds: “Your blood was not left without revenge, let your soul be glad.” So he took revenge on his friends who fell dead, he says. There are other dead on the ground.


Another commando cuts off the head of one of the dead men lying on the ground and tosses it as if throwing it in the trash can. It was not difficult to cut, he says. It is obvious that he had cut it before when he was alive and now cuts the last piece. One of the soldiers covers his face with his hands to prevent them from seeing. My curiosity peaked. Is it from the recent war? I researched it. It’s not from the last war, it says. It was done before.

After a clash with Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey. Regardless of that, I was greatly influenced. To cut a man’s head like slaughtering sheep. To lift the severed head in the air while holding it by the hair. And posing on the cameras as a hero. We have seen this many times over the last ten years. It was seen by those who could not see it. Those who could not see it did not see it. It’s not really new. We have seen it before. During the Armenian Genocide. Were the severed heads few?

What’s going on now? In Syria. East of Euphrates. It is not possible to get accurate information from Turkish agencies. They have even banned it on social media. Those who say “no to war” are being detained.

I see foreign agencies. The photos and videos that come from them. People fleeing together to get away from bombs and bullets. They load as much of their belongings as they can from their home and take the refugee route. Eyes full of fear of children clinging to their mothers. People crying for help over the dead.

We have seen this many times during the eight years of hell in Syria. It is no longer possible to tell when each photo was taken. But what does it matter? This country lived the most terrible Arab hell that was called the Arab Spring. And yet they do not leave her quiet. How many events did we see that made us say that humanity has died. International law is below zero! The United Nations remains a spectator in crime, just as happened in Cyprus, Bosnia, and Rwanda!

“What will happen at the end of this war?”, I asked my dear friend who is a Middle East expert. “Turkey will settle within the circle laid out by Trump and stop. I do not know if they will allow her to go any further, “he said. Inside the circle of Kobane and Rojava. Substantial resistance is expected in Kobane. So far, 200,000 people have fled the attack, he says.

If Tayyip Erdogan achieves his goal, no one will be able to unseat him in Turkey. “He will certainly be declared a greater national hero even greater than Ecevit,” I said. “Of course,” he said, “even bigger than Ataturk!

Ataturk took Alexandretta. Ecevit took Cyprus. And Tayyip Erdogan an important part of Syria. ” Right now about ten percent of Syria’s territory is in Turkey’s hands! “Will he stay there for at least 45 years like in Cyprus?” I asked. “It will stay,” he said.

Erdogan will install people who will be transported from Turkey to the homes of those who fled the attack. Looted properties will be distributed to them. The lands will be given to them. How similar it looks to what happened in Cyprus in 1974, doesn’t it? Conquer! Loot! Give to others the lands and homes that belong to others!

If Putin gave Turkey the area west of Euphrates, Trump gave it the eastern region. And the strange thing is that it owns these territories, while everyone says they respect the territorial integrity of Syria. We have seen how they respect the territorial integrity of Cyprus. It brought us to the stomach! We’re dry!

I asked one last question to my dear friend who is a Middle Eastern expert. “For Erdogan, Syria is in the first place, Cyprus in the second. Are we safe now? ”He laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said, “your turn will come!” I got up and looked out the window. How nice. It smells of jasmine. How does the monster you call Peace Spring crush such a jasmine?