Syrian troops enter Kobani

Syrian troops have entered the town of Kobani located 150 km from Aleppo in northern Syria on the border with Turkey, the Al Mayadeen TV Channel reported on Wednesday.

The Syrian army is deploying its forces in the town and its outskirts, the TV Channel said.

The Al Mayadeen TV Channel reported earlier on Wednesday that the Syrian army’s forward forces had entered the town of Raqqa in northern Syria and set up several checkpoints there.

On October 9, Turkey launched a military operation codenamed Peace Spring in northern Syria. It began with air strikes against Kurdish forces. The aim of the operation is to create a buffer zone to protect the Turkish border. Ankara believes that Syrian refugees might return home from Turkey.

Syria’s official news agency SANA slammed the operation as aggression. The international community denounced Ankara’s actions. Under an agreement with Kurds, Damascus sent troops to northern Syria on October 13 to offer resistance to the Turkish army.