Amnesty international: Irrefutable evidence on war crimes committed by Turkish troops and mercenaries

Between 12 and 16 October, Amnesty International collected witness testimony from 17 people, including medical and rescue workers, displaced civilians, journalists and local and international humanitarian workers, as well as video analysis and verification. Review medical reports and other documents.

The report confirms that the information gathered provides compelling evidence of indiscriminate attacks on residential areas, including attacks on houses, a bakery and a school, carried out by Turkey and its mercenaries. Shocking details also reveal the cold-blooded murder of a prominent Syrian Kurdish politician, Hafrin Khalaf, by elements of Ahrar al-Sharqiya mercenaries, part of the so-called National Army, an alliance of Turkish-backed and equipped mercenary gangs.

“Turkey’s military offensive in northern and eastern Syria has destroyed the lives of Syrian civilians who have once again been forced to flee their homes and live in constant fear of indiscriminate shelling, kidnapping and murder,” said Amnesty International Secretary-General Komi Naidu.

Naidu said: “The Turkish military forces and their allies have shown complete disregard for civilian lives, and launched deadly illegal attacks on residential areas that killed and wounded civilians.”

Naido considers Turkey is responsible about the actions of Turkey gangs’ Syrians, who support them, arm them and guide them. Naidu pointed out that Turkey has so far granted these mercenary groups the freedom to commit serious violations in Afrin and elsewhere.

Amnesty International once again called on Turkey to end abuses, hold perpetrators accountable and protect civilians living under its control. “Turkey cannot evade responsibility by outsourcing the commission of war crimes,” Amnesty International said.