ANHA: “We reject all forms of Turkification policy in Syria,” Kurdish politician says

A member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Unity Party in Syria, Moussa Kenno, said that the Turkish occupation lives in fictitious dreams when it considers the re-scenario of the Iskenderun area in Syria, stressing his rejection of the occupation policy pursued by Turkey.

The Turkish-occupied areas in Syria are experiencing a humanitarian crisis amid the absence of any position for international and regional and international human rights opinions.

Turkey continues to violate the rights of mother tongue teaching in Afrin, as well as also implementing demographic changes in the areas it occupies, in addition to daily violations of murder, looting, abduction, and rape.

Hawar News Agency met with a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Unity Party in Syria, Moussa Kenno to talk about this issue, where he said: Turkey will fail to implement the scenario of the Iskenderun area in the occupied Syrian territories.

“Turkey lives in dreams when you think that the scenario of the Iskenderun and Cyprus could be applied in these northern regions of Syria,” he added.

Regarding the goals that Turkey is seeking from the resettlement operations of Ghouta, Homs and other Syrian areas in the villages and towns of Afrin, he said that Turkey wants to eradicate the Kurdish presence everywhere and erasing the cultural identity of the Kurds.

As for the official position of the Unity Party regarding violations committed by the Turkish army and its mercenaries in the city of Afrin, Moussa said that “the party formed a follow-up committee to investigate violations committed by the Turkish occupation, and this committee is coordinating with human rights organizations to give them weekly reports on these practices.”

He pointed out that Turkey is increasing violations of the displacement of Kurds from Afrin, he said that the proportion of Kurds in this region is 35 percent because of forced displacement by mercenaries backed by Turkey.

Moussa said, “We as a party appeal to international human rights and humanitarian organizations to get out of the deadly silence they are in. We call on them to intervene quickly to help the people of this city because the Turkish state prevents even the press from entering the city.”