Rudaw: Christianity near extinction in Qamishli after Turkish bombardment

Kurdistan media Rudaw, has reported that Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria has further undermined Qamishli’s already fragile Christian population, and has posted a very poignant video in English and English subtitles.

As the news agency reports “Already dwindling following the war with the Islamic State (ISIS), Qamishli’s Christian community was again forced to flee as Turkish-backed Syrian militias threatened to overrun the city.

The first Turkish shells to strike the Kurdish-majority city fell on Fadi Hapsono’s house. He and his wife were injured in the blast.

“I was closing my shop. My poor wife went to close [our house] door and to switch on the electricity at the fuse box. Two shells fell on our house,” said Hapsono, a member of Qamishli’s Syriac minority, from his hospital bed.

His wife cries in pain and anguish on the neighboring bed, beneath a portrait of Jesus Christ.

Another wounded man in the hospital has lost his strength and is unable to even open his eyes. Hanna Sawmi, who is well-known among the city’s Christian, speaks on his behalf.

“He is Syriac. His name is Dany from Birke. The sheep of both shepherds – him and his Kurdish friend – were bombed by Erdogan’s missiles in Birke. His Kurdish friend died on the spot. He was injured and was brought to Qamishli. He underwent a three-hour operation,” Sawmi said.

With Turkish-backed militias threatening to enter the city, Sawmi believes any remaining Christians will not be spared.

Having lost hope in the US government, he pleads for help from the American people.”

read the excellent report and see the video HERE