SOHC: Medical team in “Ras Al-Ayn” say that Turkey’s mercs targeted the city’s hospital

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained the testimony of one of the cadres of the medical team that entered Ras Al-Ayn Hospital in order to evacuate the injured in the shadow of the siege imposed by the Turkish forces and their loyal factions on the city.

According to the source; “the civilians’ conditions is substantially poor due to the lack of food, bread and logistic substances in the shadow of being under the siege imposed there, emphasizing that the number of civilian casualties could not be exactly counted.”

“We saw some civilian casualties scattered in the streets due to the bombardment there, and there are about 10 injuries or more we were able to evacuate them from the city, and there is a large number of injuries still under the siege but we could not evacuate them” he added.

And the source said to the SOHR “the Syria Democratic Forces are present almost throughout the city but they are encircled, and there were clashes and even after the declaration of the cease-fire, the clashes continued, also there was continuous shelling on the hospital in an attempt to control it, and on one occasion, they -the factions- headed in an armored vehicle towards the hospital, but the SDF managed to confront them and prevented them from entering the hospital”.

The source added “the Kurdish Red Crescent helped us a lot and we have not been able to do anything for the injuries who died then, as there was acute shortage of potentials and we had no ability to do needed surgeries”.