Turkey violates Greek airspace over 50 times

Turkish F-16 fighter jets committed 51 violations of Greek national airspace on Tuesday, sharply escalating its provocations against Greece.

Only a day after Turkish President Erdogan called for the revision of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, which delineates the borders between the two countries, eight Turkish F-16 aircraft flew over the Aegean Sae in Greek national airspace in 4 formations of 2.

Six of the Turkish jets were armed during their incursion into Greek airspace. The Greek Air Force scrambled F-16s which identified and intercepted the aggressor planes resulting in 5 dog fights between the two Air Forces.

The Turkish planes also carried out five violations of air traffic rules of the Athens FIR.

According to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the Turkish aircrafts flew over the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean and were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules of engagement by the Hellenic Air Force (HAF).