Police siege underway at museum in Frejus

The French SWAT team, RAID, has taken up position outside a museum in Frejus, southern France after a man barricaded himself inside. It’s not known if he is armed or has any hostages trapped inside with him.

The alarm was raised at roughly 8am local time when cleaning staff could not gain access to the building and were reportedly confronted by a topless man.

The police have established a security cordon and asked the public to avoid the area while they attempt to make contact with the man in the museum.

According to unnamed police sources cited by French news outlets, the man wrote messages on the walls in Arabic, which referred to the museum and hell.

The suspect’s motives are unclear and authorities currently believe they are dealing with someone suffering from mental illness, rather than it being an act of terrorism, according to statements made by the local prosecutor’s office and cited by French media.