Female Kurdish fighter killed, body desecrated by Turkish-backed militia named

Images of heavily bearded men stepping on the corpse of a female Kurdish fighter in northern Syria shocked the world this week – the latest damning evidence of Turkish-backed Syrian militias committing war crimes in Operation Peace Spring.

Among the bodies shown in footage posted on social media was a woman, who the militiamen describe as “one of the whores” of the Kurdish forces.

The woman was today identified as Aziza Jalal (nom de guerre Amara Renas), a member of the Kurdish women’s armed unit (YPJ), which is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). She was killed in Jalabiyya village in the countryside near Kobane on October 21, according to SDF-affiliated Hawar news.

Her age was not published.

In the video of the atrocity, the forces identify themselves the “Mujahideen of Faylaq al-Majd” and repeatedly shout “Allah wa Akbar,” meaning God is great.