Turkish war crimes in Syria (CAUTION, VERY DISTURBING VIDEO)

(CAUTION, VERY DISTURBING VIDEO) A senior White House official told Reuters international news agency that the United States has seen no evidence of ethnic cleansing in Syria against the Kurds. So, here it is.

Of course, the Turks assured the Americans that there was no way this could happen. Alas, it is peacekeeping after all. They have had good testimony since 1974 and a host of other “evidence” in their historical journey. Because some bad guys call it genocide, it doesn’t mean it is…

These videos were released along with others, for example that of the execution of the young Kurdish politician.

In the videos the participants seem to be Turkish soldiers. Not only do they wield Turkish issued weapons ( under-license produced G-3s, unlike the mercs that wield Russian calibre weapons), they speak Turkish, and wear Turkish gvt issue uniform and webbing.