Greek Supreme Court rules that Iranian Sharareh Khademi should not be extradited

The Supreme Court (Areios Pagos) of Greece ruled on Tuesday that Iranian citizen Sharareh Khademi should not be extradited.

As soon as she heard the verdict, the 37-year-old Iranian cried and said: “Thank you, thank you”.

The Supreme Court ruled that she should not be extradited to Iran and annulled the decision of the Appeals Court in Thrace which had ruled otherwise. At the same time, her release was ordered. The Iranian mother has already applied for asylum.

Sharareh Khademi is a 37-year-old young woman who illegally crossed the Evros river, the border between Greece and Turkey, with her 6-year-old daughter last summer. She was arrested in Orestiada where she was found to be under an Interpol arrest warrant in addition to the charge of “illegal entry into the country”. The person responsible for her taking the refugee road is her husband in Iran who has accused her of abducting a minor, her child, and of taking part in anti-government demonstrations … a scary charge in Iran.