Syrian Army deploys troops in key towns near Turkish border

The Syrian Army units continued their advances in Northeastern Syria after the Kurdish militias withdrew from the Northeastern countryside of Hasaka province in al-Darbasiyah and Tal Tamr near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian Army units were deployed in al-Darbasiyah, Tal Afr and Kharab Kurd to the West of al-Qamishli near the Syria-Turkey border and they were welcomed by the residents of those regions.

This comes as the Syrian Army had reinforced its troops in several villages and towns to the East of Ras al-Ein over the past 24 hours to confront the Turkish aggressions.

On Sunday, the Syrian Army units advanced from the direction of Tal Tamr in the Northern countryside of Hasaka towards the Turkish border and deployed in the villages of Um Harmlah, Bab al-Kheir, Um Eshbeh, al-Asdiayah in the Southeastern countryside of Ras al-Ein, reducing the distance to the Turkish border to  a few kilometers.

Ras al-Ein is located in Northwestern Hasaka province and 85 kilometers from the city of Hasaka and near the border with Turkey.

Also on Sunday, a large number of Syrian Army troops deployed in the villages of al-Sibatieh, al-Jamilieh, Kharbeh al-Dabs, Al-Qassemieh, al-Rashidiyeh, al-Davoudieh, al-Aziziyeh and al-Zahreh in Northwestern Hasaka.

On Saturday, the Syrian Army had deployed in Western regions of the city of Qamishli in Hasaka province and they were warmly welcomed by the residents of these regions.

Amid a warm welcome by people, Syrian forces entered Um al-Keif village on Tal Tamar-Ras al-Ein road to face the Turkish aggression and protect civilians from any attack by Ankara-backed militants.

Several military vehicles carrying army soldiers moved on Friday afternoon from Qamishli city to be deployed in the Western countryside of Hasaka to face Turkish assault and protect the people.

On Saturday, units of the Syrian Army had entered the administrative borders of Ras al-Ayn city on Tal Tamar-Ras al-Ein axis North of Hasaka, walking into the eight villages of al-Qasimiyah, al-Rashidiyah, al-Dawodiyah, Azizyah, Dhara, Sibatiyyah, Jumayliyah and Khirbet al-Dibs to reach the Syrian-Turkish borders.

Government forces have deployed several units to the Turkish border during the past week, and promised to reinforce their troops in the next few days.