Erdogan vs. Europe: “Bombs will explode in the streets, guns will scatter death”

In a resolution by the US House of Representatives on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement that this was of no value, that Ankara would not recognize the issue and that the Turkish parliament would not unanswered.

“A country whose history is full of genocide, slavery and exploitation has no right to say anything in Turkey and to teach us lessons,” Erdogan said.

Asked by reporters about his possible visit to Washington on November 13, Erdogan responded that “no decision has yet been made”.

Attack on Europeans ‘supporting terrorists’

Tayyip Erdogan has continued to attack Europeans who provide protection to the Kurds.

As Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt tweeted, the Turkish president said, addressing Europe and the countries which he says support terrorist organizations, ” bombings will begin exploding in European streets, guns will cause death and vandalism will spread all over. He accused Europe of supporting and protecting terrorist groups against its supporters in the Turkish diaspora.”

Erdogan also spoke of joint patrols with Russia at the Syrian border, which he said would begin on Friday.

He added that according to information available to Ankara the withdrawal of Kurdish militants from the border, as agreed with Moscow, has not yet been completed.

Tayyip Erdogan also warned that if necessary, the security zone would be expanded and that Turkey reserves the right to launch a new operation against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units if it does not withdraw 30 kilometers from the border.

Under the agreement reached last week by Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the YPG had until 17:00 yesterday to leave its posts on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Turkey intends to create a 30-kilometer-long “security zone” along its border in the region in order to separate it from Kurdish militants, who it describes as terrorists.

Prior to Erdogan, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had indicated on Tuesday that the withdrawal of Kurdish forces was completed.

“The removal of the armed forces from the area where a security corridor is to be created was completed sooner than planned,” Shoygu had explained, according to Russian agencies.

Immediately afterwards, Erdogan’s spokesman Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter that Ankara would confirm whether the Kurdish forces were actually removed “through joint Russian-Turkish patrols”.