US: 98 Japanese F-15Js become Super Interceptors at a cost of 4.5 billion

The US State Department has approved Japan’s plans to upgrade its fleet of 98 F-15J fighter planes to a $ 4.5 billion Super Interceptor version, according to a statement from the Office of Defense Cooperation.

“The Government of Japan has requested the upgrading of up to ninety-eight (98) F-15J aircraft to the Japanese Super Interceptor (JSI) configuration consisting of up to one hundred (103) APG-82 (v), 1 active electronic scanning radar (AESA) (includes five spare parts), 116 Advanced Core Processor II (ADCP II) dispatch systems and 101 ALQ-239 electronic war systems (DEWS), ”the statement said.

The estimated total cost of the program is $ 4.5 billion, the statement added. The F-15J, a version of the American F-15 Eagle, is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi under a license agreement with former McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing.