USAF B-52H bombers overfly FIR Athens and Cyprus escorted by HAF F-16s

Two US Air Force Strategic Bombers B-52Hs are due to fly through, on October 30, the FIR Athens and then go on to the FIR Nicosia to carry out their mission there. it does not appear to be anything other than a “Show of Force”.

The news became known on the ‘Protothema’ website, and the presence of two of the most powerful and globally recognizable American warplanes, at the time and in the way it is carried out, certainly conveys a distinct message.

The Americans want a footprint in the Eastern Mediterranean region, can reach where they want (to Syria, for example) and do whatever they want to do. The fact that on this flight they have informed the Greek side, they have submitted flight plans and even asked to be accompanied by Greek fighters to assist them in their flight within the FIR Athens.

According to US sources, the aforementioned B-52H Stratofortresses took off from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, USA and arrived at RAF Fairford Air Base in the UK, and will take off tomorrow, October 30 as part of “B Taskom Force Europe 20-1”. This force is an expeditionary force that includes B-52 Stratofortress aircraft, pilots and technicians of all specialties, as well as ground equipment, which is deployed on the European front of operations including the Middle East, as part of its planned training. its personnel both with the region and with the cooperation of other Allies in NATO states, such as the case of Greece and the PA.

The “Bomber Task Force Europe 20-1” aircraft and personnel come from the 2nd Bomber Wing and comprise about 350 people.