At least five dead in Afrin blast

At least five people were killed in a dawn bombing in the Turkish-controlled Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northwest Syria on Thursday, according to several sources.

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) observed the explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle in the fruit bazaar Afrin city to the north of Aleppo, martyring five people and injuring 10 more, with some in being in a critical condition,” the UK-based war monitor said.

A gas station also exploded, adding to extensive material damage, added SOHR.

SOHR numbers differed from those revealed by rebel media. Effect Media Network, a pro-armed opposition news outlet, reported nine killed and 30 injured in the bazar explosion.

A source who spoke to Rudaw from Afrin said that the explosion took place at 6:50 AM. The car bomb is said to have targeted the security headquarters of the Sham Front, a jihadist group within the Turkish-backed forces, and killed seven of their fighters.

According to the source, six more were injured, one of whom was a civilian. No one has claimed responsibility so far.

Hawar News, media close to the ruling Kurdish authorities in northern Syria, did report the explosion, but did not include numbers of casualties.

The Kurdish enclave of Afrin was ruled by Kurdish authorities when the Syrian regime withdrew from the Kurdish-majority northern areas of Syria.

The town was isolated from the rest of Kurdish areas by a Turkish-controlled zone in Northern Aleppo.