Signs of large natural gas fields south of Crete

A major breakthrough was made through the Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) seismic surveys, as there is evidence of a huge amount of natural gas south of Crete.

Evidence presented by Yannis Grigoriou, head of the Hellenic General Directorate of Hydrocarbons, during a discussion by Evangelos Venizelos’ think tank show that if verified, the country’s gas needs will be met for the next 70 years. As reported by “Nea”, this target was recorded in the 2012-2013 seismic surveys by the Norwegian company PGS that had “scanned” the Ionian Sea and south of Crete, with the “Talos” field being identified in the same way in the second area.

This is the Talos field, south of Crete, which appears to have a 280 billion cubic meter reservoir, according to an analysis of existing seismic data. This is a huge amount, as about 4 billion cubic meters of gas are consumed in the country per year. It is emphasized that drilling should be carried out to verify the estimate.