US military releases video, details of attack on Baghdadi (vid)

The U.S. Central Command released the video of their attack on the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) leader in western Idlib this past week.

Full details from U.S. Central Command:

“Baghdadi was the subject of an intense inter-agency effort to bring him to justice, and that effort significantly advanced recently as we closed in on his whereabouts,” General Frank McKenzie CDR USCENTCOM said on Wednesday.

“With the assault force surrounding the compound, we repeatedly urged those inside to come out peacefully.”

According to McKenzie, “When capture at the hands of U.S. forces was imminent, Baghdadi detonated a bomb killing himself and two young children.”

“After Baghdadi’s murder-suicide, our assault force cleared significant debris from the tunnel and secured Baghdadi’s remains for DNA identity confirmation…”

“The rapid analysis showed a direct match between the samples and produced a level of certainty that the remains belonged to Baghdadi of 1 in 104 septillion.”

“Baghdadi’s remains were buried at sea in accordance with the Law of Armed conflict within 24 hours of his death.”