Greeks say no to immigrants: Up in arms in Skyrda … even with shotguns

The decision to transfer refugees and immigrants to their area has prompted reactions among the residents of Skydra, a town in the Pella prefecture. There have even been warnings from some residents that they will take up shotguns in order to protect themselves, as they said.

“Our defense will be this. Needless to say, I have said that we will take up shotguns if we need to protect our families. I didn’t lie, I told the truth, “a resident of the area said, speaking to ANT1 television on Friday. He added that “if some illegal immigrant bothers my family, my neighbor’s family, they do damage to shops … it only makes sense that things will get to that point.

“If there is a serious problem, the shotguns will come out,” the man repeated. It is noted that reactions have been triggered in various regions of Greece for the transfer of asylum seekers. Local communities are complaining that they are not willing to host them.

The municipality of Leros will remain closed today in protest, with the mayor of the island declaring that the situation is unacceptable and that “we have a huge problem”. He explained that the island already hosts about 3,000 refugees – immigrants and want to bring more people.