Hush! Do not wake Germany up: Travel advisories against arrests of Germans in Turkey

The German Foreign Ministry is tightening its travel recommendations to Turkey, reacting to German arrests in Turkey. Spiegel magazine, citing Foreign Ministry information, reports that Turkish security forces have arrested a total of 14 German citizens of Kurdish origin since the beginning of October.

Ankara accuses these persons of joining terrorist organizations, including the banned PKK. Meanwhile, 10 people have been released, but in some cases exit bans or other penalties have been imposed. Relatives and lawyers of the detainees speak of a wave of arrests against Germans of Kurdish origin.

It is reportedly due to their participation in German-Kurdish organizations, which in Turkey are considered to be affiliated with the PKK. According to the German magazine, based on unconfirmed information of relatives and lawyers so far, there are hundreds of names listed as belonging to such organizations in Turkey.

On Tuesday, Federal Foreign Minister Haiko Maas ordered travel and security recommendations for Turkey to be tightened. As reported: “Lately, there have been more and more arrests of German nationals who are or have been active in Kurdish organizations in Germany.”