New Turkish sniper rifle

A privately owned defence company in Kirikkale has produced an original sniper rifle using 100% domestic and national capabilities which will be given as a gift to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Emrah Hamzaoglu-General Manager of the company said that the original was produced with instructions from Recep Tayyip Erdogan and that the first sniper rifle would be donated to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Hamzaoglu said: “I want to give this weapon to our President. We moved along the direction of his instructions. In our ministries, our army and our police, that is to say in Turkey, this weapon does not exist. This weapon is successfully manufactured completely by Turkish engineers. The Turkish engineers had a great influence on this. We did this together with three engineers in a city like Kirikkale.¨

Hamzaoglou said they made the plan to cover the need, for a sniper rifle, for local security forces and went on to say: “Our priority at Kirikkale was to produce a domestically made and national weapon. In this context, our country’s foreign dependency will also be reduced.

“As the President and state leaders have stated, it had to be a national weapon. We believe we have successfully completed our weapon, 100% domestic and national. in the context of reducing the dependence of Turkey from external sources we decided to invest in Kirikkale. This 100-year-old city had to be redeveloped. This city was, after all, a city making weapons, and we supported this by using specific capabilities to make our first investment as a weapons industry.

You see a product that is better than those produced in America and Europe. This product has a technology that meets the requirements of the global defence industry. If you tell me “why a semi-automatic sniper rifle”, it has to do with even faster manoeuvrability, with shorter timing and the angle of shot against moving targets. Our goal now is to make this sniper rifle even better and to move our country forward.

The production period of the weapon lasted about two years. For me the important thing is to reach a 2km range…. The Turkish company built the optics for the gun. Before we even started we spent six million and we will spend another 10. And there will be continuity. In addition, our goal is to employ at least 350 people in the unit. We will not only have one product but we will produce more. ”