Turkish warplanes reportedly strike Yezidi militia base in Shingal

Turkish warplanes reportedly bombed the Yezidi village of Khanasor, northwest of Shingal on Monday.

“A warplane, who our friends say is from Turkey struck a base of our YBS [Shingal Protection Units] friends,” Khalaf Khudeda, former head of the Khanasor Local Council confirmed to Rudaw English, referring to Shingal Resistance Units.

“The bombing has resulted in wounds but we do not know how many are wounded or if anyone has died,” Khudeda added.

The YBS is a Yezidi militia active in Shingal, believed to be affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an armed group fighting for greater Kurdish political and cultural rights in Turkey and designated a terrorist organization by Ankara.

The PKK has said that while it played a part in the establishment of the YBS, the units’ members are solely local Yezidis.

The YBS was established to protect the Yezidi community in Iraq in 2007, playing a crucial role in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) after it exacted genocide on the ethnoreligious minority in and around the Shingal region in 2014.

On Monday evening, a correspondent for Yezidi news outlet EzidiPress also confirmed a Turkish airstrike had taken place in Khanasor.

source: Rudaw