Turkey begins deportations of foreign ISIS prisoners starting with US

Turkey has repatriated one ISIS terrorist from the U.S. and this week will deport several more terrorists back to Germany, the country’s Interior Ministry said on Monday.

“A U.S. citizen Daesh [ISIS] terrorist has been repatriated after the completion of legal procedures,” Ismail Catakli, ministry spokesman, told Anadolu Agency.

The deportation of a German national ISIS terrorist is in progress, Catakli said, adding that a Danish ISIS terrorist would also be repatriated on Monday.

“So, a total of three foreign national terrorists will be deported from our country today,” he added.

Seven more German national ISIS terrorists will also be deported on Nov. 14, the interior ministry spokesman said.

The legal proceedings for the two Irish national terrorists caught in Syria were about to end and they would also be repatriated soon, he added.

“Two more German national terrorists who had been captured in Syria will be deported […] this week. In addition, the legal proceedings for the 11 French national terrorists who had been captured on the Syrian territories are in progress,” Catakli added.

“Turkey will extradite them no matter what,” he stressed.