Asymmetrical threat: Group of migrants attack village disco with machetes in Germany

A group of Afghan and Syrian migrants armed with machetes attacked a disco in a small German village after two members of the group were thrown out by a bouncer.

The attack occurred on Saturday evening at about 10 pm in Trebbin – a village of fewer than 10,000 inhabitants in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. After two of the migrants were rejected from entering the disco, the group of ten men came back with machetes, attacked the bouncer, and tried to hack the disco’s door, Bild reports.

According to the bouncer who was working at the front door, the migrants tried to slice him in the neck with their machetes. Luckily, he luckily managed to fend off the attack before slipping inside the disco. The migrants then proceeded to hack at the door while three bouncers held it shut with all of their strength.

While the men were attempting to hack open the door, a splinter shot out into the eye of a guest, aged 25, who later had to go to the hospital’s emergency room because of the injury.

Tom, the bouncer who repelled the attack, recounted the night’s events to Bild, saying: “I fended off the blow with my forearm and pushed him back. He fell against the other, who had also pulled a machete. We used the seconds to retreat and shut the door. They then hacked on the door. They had apparently planned to take revenge. Otherwise, they would not have brought the weapons.”

The owner of the disco party, Frank Seifert said that two of the migrants had “been banned two weeks ago because they had climbed over the fence. We have nothing against asylum seekers, but whoever does not behave cannot go in.”

In 2017, a disco in Saxony was forced to ban asylum seekers after migrants violently attacked one another, stole bags and wallets, and sexually harassed girls, Freiepresse reported.