Alleged terrorist deported from Turkey in legal limbo facing Greek border

An alleged ISIS terrorist in legal and literal limbo on Wednesday is trapped in the “no-man’s land” between the Greek and Turkish border.

Muhammad Darwis B., reportedly an American of Jordanian dissent, was deported by Turkey on Monday after being caught in Syria.

But when he proceeded from the Turkish border gate to the adjoining Greek gate, Greek officials refused to let him in — twice.

This left him in the no-man’s land along the border, adjacent to two countries, but unable to enter either.

Darwis was deported from Turkey’s Pazar Kule border gate in Edirne, northwestern Turkey. His first unsuccessful attempt to enter Greece sent him back to the Turkish side on foot. His second attempt, however, resulted in a stamp on his passport preventing him from entering Greece.

Darwis was allowed to sleep in a car by Turkish border security, provided with food, and sent back to the buffer zone in the morning.

According to Greek authorities, the man when questioned on whether he wanted to enter Greece said “no” on both occasions, leading some officials to speculate whether the man is actually suffering from some sort of psychological problem.

Reports by the BBC’s Turkish service, however, say Turkish and US officials are negotiating to get the US to accept Muhammed Darwis B.

It was not immediately clear why Darwis was sent to Greece rather than the United States.

Turkey’s interior minister said on Saturday Turkey would start extraditing captured ISIS terrorists to their home countries.