Germany sells huge amounts of defence products, even to Turkey

The German government approved $ 8.1 billion worth of defence equipment exports from January to October 2019, according to the dpa news agency.

The approval includes 268 licenses for weapons worth $ 2.6 billion and 9,590 licenses for other military equipment worth $ 5.6 billion. Fifty-six claims worth $ 17.3 billion were rejected, referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refusal to supply Turkey during the Spring of Peace operation in Syria.

It is noted that the majority of exports go to the Member States of the European Union and Germany’s allies in NATO, with Hungary first, followed by Egypt. Other destinations include Algeria, Qatar, the US, the United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, South Korea and Turkey.

It is recalled that Germany broke its export record in defence trade when it sold $ 8.7 billion worth of weapons four years ago, according to figures released by the finance ministry following a parliamentary request.