Syrian Army establishes control over villages in Idlib countryside, inflicts heavy losses on terrorists

The Syrian Army established control over the villages of al-Luaibdeh Gharbyia and Tal Khazna in Idlib’s southeastern countryside after eliminating the last groups of terrorists there.

Syrian official agency, SANA reports that army units on Thursday conducted concentrated and intensive bombardments with artillery and rockets on gatherings and fortifications of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists in the village of al-Luaibdeh Gharbyia in Idlib’s southern countryside.

Afterwards, fierce clashes erupted between army units and the terrorist groups positioned in the area which finished with the liberation of al-Luaibdeh Gharbyia village and Tal Khazna, after killing and injuring a number of terrorists while groups of militants fled in the direction of Ma’aret al-Nua’aman to the west.

The report added that army units carried out concentrated operations against gatherings and fortifications of the terrorist organizations in al-Musheirfeh village in the southeastern countryside of the city, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the personnel and equipment.