Turkey conducted first ship-launch of Atmaca SSM

Jane’s reports that the Turkish Naval Forces conducted the first ship-launched firing of the Atmaca (Hawk) Anti-Ship missile (ASM) from the TDK Ada Class corvette TCG Kinaliada (F-514) at an undisclosed location in the Black Sea on November 3.

Evolved within the scope of the MILGEM Project, which is Turkey’s national warship program, Atmaca is the country’s first indigenously developed dedicated above-water ASM system, and is intended to replace the Boeing RGM-84 Harpoon ASM in TDK surface platform service.

Atmaca is an autonomous, all-weather, low-signature, super sea skimming ASM. Resistant to countermeasures, the missile features a mission planning system with 3D routing, and a target update, re-attack, re-target, and mission abort capability via a commercial off-the-shelf two-way datalink.