Police Special Unit Forces killed, wounded by rioters in southern Iran

The Commander of the Special Unit of Iran’s Law Enforcement Police Force Brigadier General Hassan Karami announced that one of his forces has been killed and two others wounded by “armed rioters” in the Southern province of Khuzestan, Fars news agency reported.

“A number of armed outlaws have opened fire at citizens and police forces during riots in the town of Mahshahr in Khuzestan province on Monday,” General Karami said on Tuesday.

He added that Captain Reza Sayyadi who has been present on the scene was killed in armed clashes with the rioters and two other officers have also been injured whose conditions are stable.

Earlier today, Governor-General of Kermanshah province Houshang Bazvand had also announced that a police officer Major Javaheri was killed by the rioters in the Western province.