Izvestia: Russia has no plans to meddle in Iranian-Israeli conflict

Moscow is not going to interfere in the bilateral conflict between Israel and Iran that exacerbated after Tel Aviv delivered missile strikes on Iranian military facilities near the Syrian capital of Damascus, a member of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee on Defense and Security Frants Klintsevich told Izvestia. The senator stressed that Russian servicemen and civilians in the Syrian Arab Republic are not facing any threat.

“Today, Syria has been entangled in contradictions and only Moscow has the right roadmap saying that everything needs to be in accordance with international law,” Klintsevich told the newspaper. “Russia has very good relations with everyone — with Israel, Iran and Syria. But we cannot be a lightning rod for all.”

Vice Chairman of the Syrian parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, Ammar Al-Assad, has accused Israel of escalating tensions and violating international law, while stressing that the Iranian forces’ presence in the country was absolutely legal. The lawmaker also emphasized that Syrian forces have been put on full combat alert to repel any aggression.

According to an expert in oriental studies, Roland Bidzhamov, no full-scale proxy war between Israel and Iran in Syria is on the horizon since both countries are currently hit by serious domestic strife. Since last week, Iran has been gripped by protests over fuel price hikes, while Israel is due to decide in the coming days whether the country will hold its third election over the past year.

Instead, there will be sporadic exchanges of strikes but neither party is ready for a serious conflict, he noted. “It’s advantageous for Israel to demonstrate force, it surgically destroys Iranian infrastructure around Damascus but is not attacking Russian facilities. The Israelis warn Moscow in advance in order to avoid any misunderstanding,” the political scientist explained.

“Meanwhile, there is no escalation in tensions between Russia and Iran due to this.”