Greece-Israel Minotaur 2019 annual exercise completed in Crete

Members of the Greek and Israeli Special Forces participated in a number of day and night scenarios during the three-day exercise held in the wider Kasteli Airport area, headquarters of 133 Combat Wing, on 18-19 November 2019.

For this purpose, C-130 aircraft were arrived in Kastelli last Sunday, while a communications station and other facilities were being deployed near the airport.

Apart from the participation of Greek Special Forces Units, the Air Force also participated in the exercise providing the facilities required by the 133 Combat Wing, while security measures in the wider area were particularly increased.

It is worth noting that this exercise ended a period of intense training of the Armed Forces of Greece and Israel, preceded by the exercise MEDUSSA 2019, also in Crete with the participation of Egyptian forces, as well as the air exercise “Blue Flag” in Israel which involved F-16 fighter aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force.