Greek Defence Minister Panagiotopoulos’ message for Armed Forces Day

Defence Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos on Thursday praised the steadfast contribution of the Armed Forces to the country, noting that they guaranteed its peace and freedom, as well as contributing to Greek citizens through the social work performed by the military, in a message for Armed Forces Day.

“The high level of professionalism and constant readiness are elements that I personally see in both the national and the multinational exercises in which you participate, earning comments of praise from allies and third countries,” the minister said in a message to Greece’s military personnel.

“Greece’s geopolitical position in a dynamically developing and demanding international environment dictates that it possess modern and effective Armed Forces, so that it can implement a foreign and defence policy with stability and prudence while being a pillar of prosperity and security in the wider region. The Armed Forces, fully and efficiently fulfilling their difficult and complex mission, guarantee for the citizens of this country a secure way of life, free of any external threat,” he added.

Panagiotopoulos noted the political leadership’s initiatives for upgrading the operational readiness of the Armed Forces, promoting the training of military personnel “so that they are in a position to carry out their mission on the best possible terms, and for the substantial strengthening of the Armed Forces’ role as one of the cornerstones of social life through a varied contribution”.

He reassured the officers that he will take the necessary actions to make their everyday life easier and allow them to carry out their difficult mission without distractions, underlining: “You are the deterrent force against anyone that has designs against the sovereign rights and territorial integrity of our country.”