Turkey claims capture of top ISIS bomber

Turkish security forces have captured a senior member of ISIS, in Azaz, northern Syria, Turkey’s interior minister said Friday.

Speaking to Turkish daily Hurriyet, Suleyman Soylu said Yusuf Huba, code-named Abu Jihadeddin Nasser al Ubaydi, was wanted for perpetrating 20 attacks in various countries and for being the top global ISIS organizer and trainer for suicide bombings.

The interior minister stated that the terrorist was responsible for a bomb attack in Russia in 2018 and as well as an attack on a shopping center in Hamburg, Germany.

“He has trained Daesh [ISIS] activists all over the world via the internet and face-to-face military training, bomb vehicle preparation, live bomb preparation and assassination through poisoning,” Soylu said.

He added that Huba’s interrogation was ongoing in an area of Syria under the control of Turkish-backed groups.