Greece to get four MkV special operations vessels in early 2020

The concession of 4 Mk V vessels from the US to the Hellenic Navy in order to strengthen units of the Underwater Demolitions Command, is in the final stretch, according to a report by Savvas Vlassis in

On November 13th, the Salamis Naval Base Technical Directorate accepted the offer of 65,100 € including deductions and VAT from the building company “ANDREAS D. MICHALOVITS” works at dock 28, for Mk V Special Operations Craft, which are to be received from the US as Excess Defense Material (EDA).

Initially, the receipt time was set for the second quarter of 2019, however, there was a delay due to the lengthy certification process by the US services for the company responsible for shipping the vessels to Greece. Therefore, the arrival of the vessels is now expected around January 2020.

It should be noted that the 4 Mk V’s are valued at $ 21,333,332 and on November 6, 2017 when the US Navy was authorized to offer them to Greece as EDA, their price was estimated at $ 2,133,333.20. On January 8, 2018, the US Navy sent a letter of assignment to the Ministry of Defence followed by the signing of LOA GR-P-SCI. Greece incurs a cost of $ 765,085 for the preparation and transportation of vessels, while the Hellenic Navy has tendered for the transportation of vessels and their supporting materials (tow trucks, platforms, and platforms for onshore) from Coronado to Salamis Naval Base, to the tune of 990.000 € excluding VAT.