Turkey declares EEZ to Egypt with verbal demarche at UN

Ankara has sent a verbal reprimand to the UN declaring in practice its own EEZ up to Egypt and recognizing neither the Greek nor the demarcated Cypriot ΕΕΖ, with a lengthy letter dated November 13, 2019, to the Permanent Representative, Feridun H. Sinirlioglu.

It is attempting to annul the potential Greek and the proclaimed Cypriot EEZ on these precepts and also seizes part of the Greek continental shelf.

To say that verbal demarche is not, of course, an official proclamation, but is rather an EEZ proclamation.

Turkey, citing international law, claims it has a maritime border in the Eastern Mediterranean with Egypt, ignoring the rights of the Republic of Cyprus, which it does not recognize “as long as there is no comprehensive political settlement”.

Of course, in this way it does not even recognize the Greek sovereign rights deriving from the Megisti island cluster.

It mentions ipso facto and ab initio (factually and from the beginning) legal and sovereign rights in the maritime areas of the Eastern Mediterranean located west of the meridian 32 ° 16’18 “E!

It rejects the map with the coordinates submitted by the Cypriot Government on 25 April 2019 and stresses that the demarcation of the “western part of the Greek Cypriot Administration” as it calls the Republic of Cyprus will take place when the Cyprus issue is resolved … Anchor)

In short, Ankara insists on the maps it has presented several months ago, in which the Turkish EEZ reaches Crete and demands control of half the Aegean and almost all of the Mediterranean Sea to seize the area’s proven energy wealth.