“Turkey’s actions in Eastern Mediterranean unlawful, as well as MoU with Libya”

European People’s Party (EPP) secretary general Antonio Lopez-Isturiz said on Saturday during the New Democracy (ND) congress that their victory in Europe was also due to ND.

As he said, New Democracy won more than 33 percent of the votes, 10 points more than the result of the 2014 European elections. “And that was just the beginning. Under the strong leadership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, New Democracy managed to win an even stronger mandate in July 7 national elections, reaching 40 percent of the vote. This is one of the highest rates for an EPP party in Europe,” he underlined.

“You have proved throughout the EPP family, once again, that EPP principles and policies always beat the populists on both the left and the far right,” he said … and reiterated Mitsotakis’ statement that a new wind of change is blowing in Greece: an air of optimism, confidence, stability and growth.

Lopez stressed that the EPP is a party of stability. A realistic party based on fundamental pan-European values, he added.

Lopez then pointed out that today Europe is facing an extreme polarization in the issue of migration, between those who wish to close the borders and those who want to open them to everyone, without any criteria. He also welcomed the appointment of Margaritis Schinas, the new Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Protecting European Way of Life, who will oversee this important policy.

Moreover, he referred to the polarization in Europe on the issue of climate change adding that the EPP is the party that reflects the reason and logic. “We are the only balanced and rational political force in Europe,” he stated.

“We will continue to condemn Turkey’s illegal drilling in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, which also undermines efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem,” he said and added that Turkey’s recent actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are arbitrary, illegal and unacceptable, including the illicit Memorandum of Understanding with Libya.