Greece: Niriis 2019 multinational exercise successfully completed

The multinational INVITEX (Invitation Exercise) exercise, called “Niriis 2019”, organized by the Hellenic Navy (HN) and successfully conducted from 22 to 29 November, in the wider area of the Cretan, Myrtoon, and the South Aegean Sea Maritime Region, was successfully completed on Saturday. 

The exercise included “on-the-go” activities carried out at the Naval Deterrence Training Center (KENAP) in Souda, Crete and subsequent “on board” activities. As noted by the Hellenic Navy Staff, “the exercise was designed by the Navy to practice both classical forms of warfare and modern forms of threats to maritime security.”

The training involved personnel and units from Spain, Israel, Italy, and Canada, with staff from Bulgaria and Qatar, as well as units from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG-2), as well as and the corresponding anti-mine warfare Alliance Force (Standing NATO Mine-Countermeasures Group 2 / SNMCMG-2).

Participating Greek force included, 3 frigates and organic helicopters, 2 submarines, 2 FAC (M)s, 1 oil tanker, 1 mine sweeper, underwater demolition teams and unconventional warfare craft, as well as the means and personnel of the Hellenic Air Force and the Hellenic Coast Guard.