Russia: Any discussion of Crimea’s status is impossible

Any discussion of Crimea’s status with Kiev is impossible, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media when asked about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s idea of a discussion of Crimea’s status by Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

“There can be no reaction from the Kremlin. Any discussion of Crimea is impossible. This has been stated many times at various levels,” Peskov said. Asked in what way Russian President Vladimir Putin might react, if Zelensky brought up this issue at negotiations, Peskov replied: “Most certainly he will give detailed and consistent answers to all corresponding questions that may arise. The president always does this openly, constructively and comprehensively.”

In reply to an elaborative question how Putin might react to the proposal for discussing the status of Crimea at the Normandy Quartet’s summit, Peskov said that the Russian leader’s response would not depend on the format of this question. He added that in any case this would not result in the curtailment of the quartet’s talks.