Nigeria: Pirates attack Greek tanker take 19 hostages

Another Greek-owned ship fell victim to a pirate attack from which pirates abducted 19 crew members, 18 Indians and a Turk. Also seven other members remain on board.

The attack on the Nave Constellation tanker (built 2010, 298,000 dwt) of Navios Maritime Acquisitions 26 nautical miles from Egina terminal, south of Bonny Island, Nigeria, took place on 3 December.

In a statement, representatives of the Anglo-Eastern Management Company and the shipowner Navios said the ship was hit by a pirate attack of 77 nautical miles from Bonny Island. The Hong Kong-flagged tanker was loaded when it was attacked by armed men late on the night of December 3.

The criminals left the ship, taking 19 sailors as hostages. Seven seamen remained aboard and were instructed to transport the tanker to safety. There was no pollution or damage to the ship.

It is noted that all competent authorities, including the flag State, have been notified and are taking all necessary measures to ensure the release of the 19 hostages.