Israeli exercise on Cyprus makes front page in Israel

As Greek analyst Dr. Gabriel Haritos , Research Fellow at the Israeli Ben-Gurion Research Institute noted on his Facebook account  “Cyprus is currently on the front page of the weekly insert of the pro-government daily Israel Hayom. The occasion is the extensive report, accompanied by many photos of the large Israeli special forces military exercise, which reportedly took place last week in areas of the Troodos Mountains.

The title of the report “Raid on Cyprus” is subtitled “The Commando Unit carried out  in Cyprus, during which it was trained for war against Hezbollah”.

The scenario included access to uncharted territory, occupation of settlements, and captive management. The Troodos areas were selected because of the similarity to the terrain of Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon. The text of the article is in sync with the scenario of the exercise, as the Israeli army for the first time allowed journalists to cover the exercise in Cyprus.

According to the report, the exercise involved recruits and well-trained reservists who were transported to Cyprus by military transports, without being informed exactly where they were headed. This detail was an important feature of this preparedness drill.

This is not the first time Troodos has been selected for Israeli military exercises. And in the past, it has been pointed out by Israeli media that the main reason for this is the similarity of the geographical conditions of the Cypriot mountain range with the conditions in southern Lebanon. Information even mentions that a similar exercise with a similar scenario took place a year ago. However, for the first time this year, reporters were allowed, with the newspaper’s journalist, Yoav Limor, noting that the villagers were surprised to see Israeli troops suddenly roaming the fields in full gear.”