Libyan Parliament Speaker: The Turkey-Libya MoU is a conspiracy against Libyan & Greek people

The Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Agila Saleh Issa, spoke about a conspiracy against the rights and interests of the Libyan and Greek people.

Mr. Issa made this statement after the end of the meeting with Greek Parliament Speaker Kostas Tasoulas and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

Reportedly he said in his separate meetings with Mr. Tasoulas and Mr. Dendias that the Turkey-Libya agreement is a product of blackmail and then said in joint statements that “the agreement is void because those who singed it have no legal status”.

In detail, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Libya said: “We came here to make clear that this agreement is to be rejected because those who signed it have no legal status as the government itself has not received a vote of confidence from our Parliament and has not been sworn in legally.

So, according to the standing political agreement, the government has failed completely, has not implemented the provisions of this agreement, so it has no right to sign specific memoranda that are actually agreements that relate to the sovereignty of the Libyan State and the rights of the Eastern Mediterranean countries. It’s not legal. We as the House of Representatives reject it. The Libyan Armed Forces are also publicly rejecting it and we will resist anyone trying to intervene inside Libya”.