Erdogan rants against Israel and Jews at Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Recep Tayip Erdogan, during an appearance at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, lashed out at Israel with the wild blood libel claim, asserting the Middle East democracy executes “innocent girls, fathers, mothers, elderly people, children and young people” openly in its streets.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan made extreme allegations against Israel while calling on the 57 member states with a collective population of over 1.8 billion Muslims to unite against Israel.

Erdogan’s rant included: “Unfortunately, the situation in Palestine and in its inseparable part, Al-Quds, gets worse day by day. Israel’s attitude which knows no rights, law, justice or humanity continuously deepens the crisis in the region to the detriment of Muslims.”

He continued: “We today face a Palestine on the streets of which innocent girls, fathers, mothers, elderly people, children, and young people are openly executed and mercilessly murdered by Israel. What is more, Western countries and – I regret to say – some Arab states practically encourage this brutality of Israel.

“We, as Turkey, most of the time feel ourselves left alone in our objections to the oppression in Al-Quds and Palestine,” he said. “We will continue to uphold the truth and justice and stand by the oppressed at all costs. We will never stop defending the Al-Quds cause and the rights of the Palestinians or acting in solidarity with all the oppressed.”

Blood libel against the Jews has been traced back to at least the Middle Ages and has been issued in places as high as the United Nations. One of the most common claims is that the Jews use the blood of children in matzos.