Assad: Thousands of US personnel in Syria, selling stolen oil to the Turks

In a recent interview Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was asked about how many Americans troops are remaining on Syrian territories.

In his answer President Assad noted that in American politics they announce the number between thousands and hundreds. “When they say thousands: it is to make the the pro-war lobby – particularly the arms companies, happy that they are in a state of war. When they say hundreds: they are addressing the people who oppose the war by saying that they are only “a few hundred.”

“In actual fact,” he noted, “both figures are incorrect for a simple reason; even if these figures were correct, they are based on the number of American soldiers and not the number of individuals fighting with the American army. The American regime relies significantly in its wars on private firms like Blackwater in Iraq and others. So even if they had a few hundred American soldiers in Syria, they still also have thousands – maybe tens of thousands, of civilians working for such companies and fighting in Syria. That’s why it is difficult to know the real number, but it is certainly in the thousands.”

Referring to US claims that their troops protect oil wells in the east of Euphrates area in Syria, the Syrian President noted that in the early days Jabhat al-Nusra used these wells; after ISIS came and drove out al-Nusra – or rather when ISIS merged with al-Nusra and they all became ISIS, it also stole and sold oil through Turkey. The Syrian President claimed that now America is the one stealing oil and selling it to Turkey. Turkey is an accomplice, with all these groups, in selling oil. The Turkish regime plays a direct part in selling the oil, previously with al-Nusra, later with ISIS and today with the Americans.