Greece: LEONARDO, Italy’s leading defense industry eyes investments in Macedonia

Their interest in investing in northern Greece was expressed to Theodoros Karaoglou, Deputy Minister of the Interior of Macedonia and Thrace, by representatives of the Italian firm “LEONARDO”, specializing in the production of high-tech products in aerospace, defense and security and civil protection systems.

LEONARDO is the eighth largest company in the sector globally and second in Europe, with revenues exceeding 12 billion euros. The company was represented by Luca Carli, Chief Operating Officer and Group Vice President of “LEONARDO Group” and Luigi Lupoli, Vice President for Civil Protection.

In a statement, Mr. Karaoglou pointed out that the interest of a large group, with a global scope, to invest in Northern Greece, is tangible proof that the Greek economy is turning a page. “The main concern of the Government is to make Macedonia and Thrace a place of great investment that can change the fate of our country by creating a significant number of new jobs.

The Ministry of Interior (Sector for Macedonia and Thrace) supports every effort that serves this national objective. To the best of our ability, we will stand by any business interest that may bring investment spring to our region that has been hard-hit in times of crisis. Day by day, month by month, Northern Greece is steadily leaving the climate of disinvestment behind and is entering a new, more productive and creative period, ”the ministry said in a statement.