Lockheed Martin: Greece is in the “plans” for 20 F-35s

Greece has been incorporated in the 10-year planning of the F-35 Lightning II fighter production line by Lockheed Martin as evidenced by the words of its vice president, Denis Plessas, during the annual report by the company to military reporters. The company lists Greece with a forecast supply of 20 fighter jets of the type, while responding to a DP question, Mr Plessas clarified that the estimated number is 20-30.

The company, Plessas said, has been planning the production line for over a decade, so based on the Letter of Information (LOI) sent by the Greek side,  declaring its interest, which is also evident from statements by senior government officials of the previous government, has prompted the country to shorten delivery times if possible.

On the same subject, Lockheed Martin’s spokesman did not appear too optimistic about the possibility of posting industrial work, as the main partners of the program have secured the lion’s share. However, this is the first time the company says the chances are “slipping” towards Turkey’s withdrawal from the program. He said that “existing indications suggest that Turkey will cease to be part of the consortium”.

This could mean undertaking an industrial project that Turkish companies still have, but with an expiry date, unless something changes. It is also obvious that any agreement will be judged by the negotiating ability of the Greek side