Turkish flight to occupied Cyprus cancelled because of threatening passenger

Passengers of an airplane prepared to take off from Istanbul for the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus experienced a panic of terror before takeoff on Dec. 18.

I am a FETÖ member, and I will blow up the aircraft,” a passenger suddenly started to shout in the plane during taxiing on the runway.

Other passengers tried to calm down the woman who had covered her face with a veil and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, security guards were called to the plane by the flight team.

The woman, arguing with other passengers, lit cigarettes inside the plane while waiting for the security forces.

When the suspect was removed from the plane, the other passengers were taken to the terminal for a security check.

The flight of Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport to the unrecognized by international aviation organizations Ercan Airport in the occupied territories of Cyprus was canceled.

The woman was obviously suffering from some sort of psychological problem, or has an acute death wish, as no one in their right minds in Erdogan’s Turkey would seeriously claim to be a FETO member. Gulenists certainly don’t identify themselves as terrorists.