GA presents MQ-9 Guardian to Greek press (vid, pics)

US company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems presented the US drone MQ-9 Guardian and the capabilities it can develop in the southeastern Mediterranean, to Greek media this morning at 110 Battle Wing.

During the presentation, the drone engaged in four scenarios:

The first scenario involved the rescue of a shipwreck in the coastal area of ​​Larissa.

The second scenario involved the tracking of lorries in the Pieria area.

The third scenario involved the search, operation and rescue of migrants in the Lesvos area.

The fourth scenario involved fire recording and surveillance in the Larissa area.

The reporters were presented with the very important capabilities of this particular aircraft, and it was pointed out that it could have excellent cooperation with the Greek F 16s.

The drone can fly for more than 40 hours operating throughout the southeastern Mediterranean. It has the ability to land at any airport for refueling, and is equipped with two cameras (one thermal and one day), as well as the ability to collect and compare recorded data.

According to reports, the Greek military is seeking the purchase of two such drones from the United States that will cover a significant portion of border surveillance as they are specialized in monitoring marine areas.