Erdogan asked Tunisia for naval base

The reason why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Tunisia on Christmas Day was revealed by the creator of the “Blue Homeland” doctrine, retired admiral Cem Gyurdeniz in the newspaper Yeniz Safak.

During his visit to North Africa yesterday, the Turkish president reportedly asked Tunisia for a port for his warships so they could – if needed – operate immediately. in the maritime area around Libya and Greece.

With this new move by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara seeks to secure maritime access to Libya through … Tunisia, so that it can intervene at any time in neighboring countries in favor of the government of Saraj and at the same time open its doors … Turkey’s sea operation “Mediterranean Shield” south of Greece, so it can prevent any movements of the Greek fleet in the area.

“Everyone was wondering how there could be cooperation between Turkey and Tunisia,” the pro-government daily writes, in response to Turkish retired Admiral Cem Gurdeniz.

“It would be important for Tunisia to act as a port for the Turkish navy and for the Mediterranean Shield to extend to Libya in order to prevent Greece from moving,” says the Turkish officer, who prefers an agreement with Tunisia that would boost Turkey’s hand in the region. In his view, until the end of the civil war in Libya, it would be useful for Turkey to maintain a naval base in the region.

“Libya is an area of ​​strategic importance for Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. It is particularly important to secure control of its western maritime border in the eastern Mediterranean, so it must show that it strongly supports the government with which it signed the memorandum, ”said Jim Gurdeniz.

A vital naval base on Occupied Cyprus
At the same time, the Turkish Admiral considers it extremely necessary to establish a naval base in the Occupied Territories.

“One of the most important reasons is that the only base we have in the eastern Mediterranean is between Mugla and Marmaris, the naval base of Aksaz, which is 350 nautical miles from Cyprus. Therefore, if Turkey and northern Cyprus need to intervene to protect their interests, a warship would be delayed until it reaches the Aqaz base. While a base in Famagusta, which could provide refueling and provide all kinds of logistics support, would increase the operational capability of the Turkish navy in the region. It would also be a very important move on the part of Turkey to send the right political messages, “said Jem Gurdeniz.