Russia condemns Turkey’s intentions to send troops to Libya

Russia’s reaction to Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement that it intends to send Turkish troops to Libya was immediate.

Russia condemns any attempt to intervene inside Libya by a foreign power but welcomes efforts to resolve the dispute, said a Russian government spokesman, called on to comment on Tayyip Erdogan’s intentions.

“We have repeatedly said how Russia views the crisis in Libya, We seek an immediate solution to the conflict and the end of the bloodshed in the country,” Dmitry Peskov added.

It is recalled that Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday, December 26, that Turkey will send troops to Libya, as requested by the North African country, and added that it will present legislation on the deployment of troops in the Turkish parliament in January.

It is noted that on January 8, Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with Tayyip Erdogan, where, among other things, the situation in Libya will be discussed.